• Payment of $88 per month is due on or before the first lesson of each month. Please note that this is a regular monthly fee (not a per-lesson fee). There is a $10/month discount for additional weekly lessons or additional members of the same household.
  • The monthly fee includes weekly half-hour lessons and the accompanying instructor prep and follow-up work. Your fee remains the same in months with fewer (due to holidays) or more than four lessons.
  • During the summer (June/July/August), your fee will be reduced to the equivalent of two months, rather than three, and includes two weeks of vacation time for the teacher.
  • My preferred method of payment is bank transfer through Zelle – please have your bank initiate the transfer to imamezzo@aol.com. Other accepted methods are PayPal, check, or cash.

Materials Needed:

  • A piano or good-quality keyboard with weighted keys and foot pedal
  • Lesson books and materials – For Zoom students I will email links for ordering materials online as well as sheet music and other materials to print. For in person students, I will order books and materials and add the cost to your monthly fee. I do not use one specific method series; instead, materials are chosen specifically for each student as they progress.
  • Zoom students need a computer or other device and internet access. A printer, while not required, is helpful.
  • Zoom students should have their most recent assignment sheet, all books/materials, pencil, and paper readily accessible at every lesson. In person students should bring all books and materials to every lesson, including their assignment folder.

Scheduling, Cancellations, and Make-up Lessons:

  • Each student has a regular day and time for lessons. Zoom students, please sign in to your lesson no later than your scheduled time with all materials ready. In person students, please enter the studio quietly without knocking, no earlier than five minutes before your lesson time, wash your hands upon arrival, and wait quietly to start.
  • A schedule will be distributed seasonally, listing holidays, group lessons, recitals, and any other events. Reminder emails will also be sent.
  • Your monthly fee remains the same regardless of attendance. If you cancel a lesson, your fee is not refundable; however, if there is an opening in my schedule, I am happy to schedule a make-up time. If you must cancel, please do so with as much notice as possible, preferably no later than noon the day of the scheduled lesson. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed; however, I do my best to accommodate whenever possible. I do not offer make-up time for no-shows.
  • If I have to cancel a lesson, you will be offered your choice of a make-up lesson or a refund.

Group Lessons: Group lessons are scheduled approximately every other month to give students regular performance opportunities and the chance to play games and do activities with the other students. During weeks with group lessons, they replace private lessons and are an integral part of the curriculum. Various days/times will be offered to accommodate schedules. There will be a combination of Zoom and in person options.

Other Policies and Information:

  • For Zoom lessons, please do your best to arrange your home in such a way that lessons are in a quiet space, free of distractions. To ensure the best connection, it is best if other household members are not using the internet during lessons.
  • Please do not record lessons without obtaining permission first. If you would like me to record our session for future review, please let me know.
  • At Zoom lessons, parents are welcome to sit in; however, some students are more comfortable without family members in the room. Younger students may need parental supervision and help during Zoom lessons. For in person lessons, only one student at a time may be in the studio, with the exception of siblings. Students waiting in the studio during a sibling’s lesson must bring something to do or read. Parents/guardians/drivers, please wait in the car. Everyone in my household is vaccinated, and I do not require masks in the studio; however, please let me know if you prefer that I wear a mask.
  • In person students, you may schedule a zoom lesson instead of in person at your convenience – please let me know by noon the day of your lesson if possible. Please request a zoom lesson if the student has stayed home sick from school that day. I reserve the right to change your lesson to Zoom rather than in person if I am sick/contagious, or if the weather makes coming to the studio unsafe.
  • Please visit the student blog page, located at aplessons.wordpress.com to find exercises, recordings, and information specific to each student.
  • Students and parents are encouraged to communicate freely and ask questions. Feel free to contact me by phone, text, or email any time.
  • I often post pictures/videos related to lessons on my website or social media. I never post last names publicly. Please let me know if you would prefer that I do not use images/video containing you or your child.