Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you return to in-studio lessons? A: I intend to offer online lessons indefinitely; however, students are now allowed to return to the studio as long as they agree to the in person lessons policies.

Q: How much do lessons cost? A: $88 per month for weekly half-hour lessons. See full payment policies here.

Q: How old does a child need to be to take piano lessons? A: Children as young as 4 may be ready for lessons. It depends upon each child’s maturity, coordination, attention span and reading skills. Young children need parental supervision at online lessons.

Q: What if I’m an adult and have never played piano? A: It’s never too late! Come and give it a try.

Q: How much practice time is required? A: At least 5 days per week, with the goal of accomplishing the weekly agreed-upon tasks.

Q: Do you do recitals? A: Yes. Currently, recitals take place online, with a combination of live and recorded  performances. Generally, recitals are scheduled in January and August, but this may change according to the circumstances during any given year. Live recitals will be held whenever possible.

Q: Can parents sit in at lessons? A: Parents are welcome to be present at on-line lessons; however many students are more comfortable without other people in the room. Young children, however, will need parental supervision and assistance. Only one student at a time is allowed in the studio, with the exception of siblings waiting for their turns. Parents/guardians/drivers are asked to wait in the car.


Contact: alissaplantlessons@gmail.com ~ 717-421-1879


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