Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will you return to in-studio lessons? A: I intend to offer online lessons indefinitely; however if/when a vaccine becomes available and risk of infection is low, I will allow students back into the studio on a case-by-case basis. 

Q: How much do lessons cost? A: $80 per month for weekly half-hour lessons. See full payment policies here.

Q: How old does a child need to be to take piano lessons? A: Children as young as 4 may be ready for lessons. It depends upon each child’s maturity, coordination, attention span and reading skills. Young children need parental supervision at online lessons.

Q: How old does a child need to be to take singing lessons? A: Children as young as 8 may take voice lessons, with care taken to preserve the health of young voices and allow them to develop naturally.

Q: What if I’m an adult and have never sung or played piano? A: It’s never too late! Come and give it a try.

Q: I’ve been told I can’t match pitch? Can you help me? A: Probably. Almost anyone can learn to sing and to match pitch. I have had great success with people who were told they were “tone deaf.”

Q: Can I take voice and piano lessons? A: Yes, but you need to take a half hour of each per week. There’s not enough time in 30 minutes to do both. There is a discount when you take double lessons.

Q: How much practice time is required? A: At least 5 days per week, with the goal of accomplishing the weekly agreed-upon tasks.

Q: Do you do recitals? A: Yes. Currently all recitals take place online, with a combination of live and recorded  performances. Generally, recitals are scheduled in January and August, but this may change according to the circumstances during any given year.

Q: Can parents sit in at lessons? A: Parents are always welcome to stay for lessons; however, some students are more comfortable without mom or dad in the room.

To schedule a free trial lesson, contact me through this form, call 717-421-1879, or email alissaplantlessons@gmail.com.

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