About the Instructor

Education: B.S. Degree in Elementary Education, Music Minor


  • 25+ years teaching private voice and piano lessons to students ages 4 to 74
  • 25+ years conducting choirs and ensembles, including youth, women’s and SATB
  • Performance in and leadership of Marmalade (2000 to 2010) and Anything But Quiet (current), a cappella women’s ensembles



Music education is for everyone!

Music education can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience for people of all ages. My philosophy is that anyone who wants to play and/or sing can and should. Not everyone will be a concert pianist or an opera singer, but every student can enjoy working toward reaching his/her musical potential. My teaching style is geared toward students who love music, who are willing to practice, and who want to learn not only the technical side of music, but also the sheer joy of it. My students explore various genres of music, including classical, contemporary, folk, jazz, Broadway and popular. The basics can be taught through almost any style of music, so I strike a balance with each student between his/her interests and a variety of musical styles and the relationships between them. Music theory is included as part of the process. Both piano and voice students work on technique as well as reading notes and rhythm and understanding chords and form. Quality music-making comes from loving the craft, and conversely, loving to make music comes from learning to produce good quality music!

Contact: alissaplantlessons@gmail.com ~ 717-421-1879


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