What happens at a lesson?

**Yes, all of these great things are still happening during online lessons!**

In a lesson, you can expect to do some combination of the following:

·         Discuss questions or issues that have come up during practice time

·         Do warm-up and technique-building exercises

·         Play/sing music you’ve been working on; receive comments and criticism, both positive and corrective; work on technique, musicality and understanding of the piecespianostudentwithrhythmgame

·         Listen to recordings or live demonstration of your music or other pieces with related techniques/concepts

·         Play/sing duets

·         Review written work that may have been assigned at the previous lesson

·         Discuss and practice music theory concepts in the context of the pieces you are working on

·         Sight read new music and exercises

·         Learn about composition and compose your own new music

·         Play games or do activities to reinforce musical concepts

To schedule a free trial lesson, contact me: 717-421-1879   alissaplantlessons@gmail.com

Application available here or at our first meeting.


Already a student? Visit your blog page here.

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